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Historical evolution

Hubei Han Technology Co., Ltd.

(4404 Factory)is a former state-owned Chinese photovoltaic plant (4404 state-owned factory) from the overall restructuring. Chinese state-owned photovoltaic plant is Chinas fourth original ministry of machine-building (now the Ministry of Information Industry) in 1969 to invest in the construction of the third-line business. Completed and put into production in 1973. The original site in Hubei Province spent Nanzhang Town. Third-line construction by the State Council, the adjustment and reform the planning office and approved by the Ministry of Electronics Industry, in 1991 the overall move to Xiaogan City in Hubei Province.

 Pre-completed and put into produc-
tionenterprises,mainly the production of military electronic products. Later, around the power vacuum in the core technology, research and development of a number of categories of military products for civilian use. 
Chinese state-owned factories overall photoelectric conversion to Hubei Han Technology Co., Ltd..